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For the last two years it has been my honor and privilege to serve the residents of Collier County as the County Commissioner for District 2.  I appreciate the trust Collier County voters placed in me and have endeavored to live up to that trust in terms of the decisions made, the manner in which I have interacted with my fellow commissioners, and being accessible to the residents of District 2. The time has gone by very quickly.  I am committed to continuing to give back to my community through public service. I will continue to my efforts to restore civility in public discourse so that we can all be proud of the manner in which the important decisions are made in Collier County.

A lot has happened since November of 2016.  Wild fires in 2017 and, of course, Hurricane Irma were huge tests for the residents, business owners, and County Staff.  As an individual Commissioner, I attempted to provide a steady flow of accurate information to those that stayed for the storm, evacuated, or had not yet returned for the season.

Andy Solis, County Commisioner District 2

The District 2 newsletter was being sent out daily as soon as were able to send them.  My Executive Coordinator, Angela Goodner, and I worked hard to collect the most current information from the Emergency Operations Center and forward it to our residents.  We have received many emails thanking us for providing valuable information so that our residents could understand the conditions on the ground and make well informed decision on when to return.  I am profoundly grateful that there was no loss of life.  I am very proud of the County Staff’s dedication in the face of such a huge natural disaster. Collier County’s recover nothing short of amazing.  We should all feel proud of how our community came together and helped each other through the difficult times after the storm.

I am also very proud of the Mental Health initiative I started in early 2017. It began as an effort to understand how Collier County deals with mental illness and addiction.  Collier County, like most counties nation-wide, relies upon its jail as its largest mental health facility.  Not only is this a poor fiscal policy due to the cost of holding the mentally ill in the jail,  it also presents a considerable public safety risk, as evidenced by the recent stabbing on 5th Avenue. Working with David Lawrence Center, NAMI, Sheriff Rambosk, and NCH hospital, among others, we were able to identify significant bottlenecks in the process for diverting those suffering from mental illness and addiction from the criminal justice system and into treatment.  At my request, the County Commission held its first ever Mental Health and Addiction Workshop in June of 2017.  The second Mental Health and Addiction Workshop will be held on June 5, 2018, and will cover the beginnings of a county-wide strategic plan. We must continue working towards a strategic plan for addressing this important issue which impacts all aspects of our community, including many of our veterans.  They deserve better. 

If re-elected I will continue to support both economic development and the responsible growth of Collier County.  Collier County is well on its way to creating a business environment that will encourage new companies to relocate to Naples and that helps our existing businesses to expand.  Solving the workforce housing issue is critical in this regard.   Managing the County’s growth is also critical.  The decisions that will be made in the near future on the Growth Management Plans are extremely important.  We all know that “no-growth” is not a viable option because there are private property rights and other want to move to our great community.  The well thought out plans for villages in eastern Collier County will help preserve our vital water recharge areas, sensitive habitats, and wildlife.  These are extremely important and one of the reasons people want to visit.  It is the reason many of us moved here.  The economy in Collier County depends greatly on the natural beauty of the land and the opportunities to enjoy it.  I will continue to work to make sure that the plans for eastern Collier County will preserve the environment and protect property rights.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you all on the campaign trail.

Andy Solis
Collier County Board of County Commissioners/Candidate for County Commission District 2

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Why Am I Running for the County Commission?

I am seeking the County Commission District 2 seat in order to ensure that Collier County continues to grow in a fiscally responsible manner and to ensure that it remains the paradise we all enjoy.   It is critical that the infrastructure and natural resources be carefully managed.  Equally important is the diversification of the economy and the creation of a business friendly environment.  I will be a pragmatic and experienced voice on the County Commission. 

I also have a very personal duty to engage in public service.  My parents were from Cuba  and experienced first-hand what happens when democracy fails.  They came to Florida and lived the “American Dream.”  They educated their children, started businesses, and prospered in Florida.

Since moving to Collier County in 1993, I have been involved in the community in many ways, with charities, professional organizations, and businesses of all sizes.  Serving as the County Commissioner for District 2 is the next step in fulfilling my personal obligation of giving back to my community through public service. 

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